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Our Mission

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In June 2015 Portsmouth Mediation Service (PMS) adopted a ‘Restorative’ strategy towards every aspect of its work and life; we became intentional in the use of restorative practices and approaches and – just with our clients, but with our partnerships and with ourselves.  This strategy has revolutionised our service and indeed everyone who works within its mission.

We have a huge vision to help bring about a Restorative Portsmouth and yet in simple terms we are learning restorative always begins with you and me.  It’s not a theory or a programme; it’s a philosophy that underpins strong and positive relationships.  So it is with our team; under pressure we still have our moments, yet we are successfully developing a culture of respect and compassion that has brought about a new level of unity.  Building this teamwork is increasingly making the dream work.

PMS has a vision of a Restorative Portsmouth where the entire City is focussed on making relations stronger than they were before they had broken down.  This is whether the relationship is between Neighbours, Landlords & Tenants, Friends or Families, Employer & Employee, Offender & Victim or wherever there is a breakdown in a relationship.