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Teach Peace

Ask for details on the PMS Teach Peace programme that can help you and your colleagues establish a restorative school; this will provide huge benefits for your school community and the positive ripple will flow into the homes of staff and children alike, helping to strengthen families and their relationships.

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The first step is training for teachers and staff – this is covered over three one and half hour modules that can be flexibly slotted into a timetable that best suits your school. This training will not only give your school team new skills that can be immediately employed, it will uncover restorative champions and ambassadors who themselves will become grass-root drivers for positive relationships and restorative practice; they will be the ideal people to deliver the Teach Peace training programme for the children which will enable your school to identify and train children to become restorative facilitators in the playground.

For more information visit the Teach Peace section on our You Tube Channel and download the brochure below.

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Download brochure

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These videos will assist teachers and staff who are helping to introduce the Teach Peace programme into primary schools: