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Our Values

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Community is at the heart of all that PMS stands for.  We believe in healthy, interdependent, sharing and caring communities.  We believe communities are formed where ever people live, work or socialise and that quickly resolving conflict helps to maintain healthy relationships that benefit all.


PMS is made up of highly trained staff and volunteers who believe that our clients deserve the best service available.  To that end we endeavour to be the best that we can be and foster a culture of evaluation and improvement.  We therefore appreciate constructive feedback from both clients and partner agencies.


Respect is one of the first values that is lost in conflict situations.  As a result, those involved often feel hurt and undervalued.  That is why our first facilitators will show the utmost respect to all parties.  We believe that everyone has equal rights, is of equal value and should have an equal voice at each stage of the restorative pathway.  Therefore we will respect your options, boundaries and freedom of choice.


If professionalism and respect are the benchmark for our external practices, then compassion is the benchmark for our internal motivation.  We seek to be empathetic, compassionate, open minded and accepting in every situation.