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Small Business & Commercial Mediation

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Peter HigginsAt Portsmouth Mediation Service we understand how for most businesses, dealing with disputes is an unavoidable (and unwelcome) feature of existence. Conflict and disputes from third parties such as suppliers, customers or landlords can be difficult to deal with, and consume frightening amounts of time, finance, and other resources. Handling disputes effectively and efficiently is therefore critical.

In partnership with Peter Higgins (pictured), PMS is now able to offer a competitive mediation service to the small business community of Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

The cost of going to court

Traditionally, when a dispute escalated so that we felt unable to resolve it ourselves, our default response was to pick up the phone to our solicitor and demand legal action, with all too predictable results.

Whilst going to court does at least guarantee an outcome, it certainty comes at a heavy price. The legal process is usually expensive, not just financially, but also by absorbing the time and energy of those involved, pulling them away from more profitable activities, and often exerting a heavy psychological burden.

The grim satisfaction of having ‘won in court’ is usually the best that can be hoped for, and even that tends to come at a financial price in legal costs. It can often damage relations and reputations beyond repair.

The benefit of using Portsmouth Mediation Service

Statistically, something like 85% of mediations are successful, meaning that the parties reach agreement in the overwhelming majority of cases. For these reasons, mediation is increasingly supported, and in some cases required, by the legal system. Judges are penalising parties who decline mediation without good reason.

The aim is to explore the dispute and how to settle it in the way that works best for everyone.

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