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Teach Peace

This exciting project reduces conflict, bullying and low scale anti-social behaviour in local primary schools by training children to be playground mediators.  Portsmouth Mediation Service launched its first Teach Peace Training Programme in November 2015 for Portsmouth Schools. Since then, Teach Peace has been continually developed by PMS with additional resources and training being made available to teaching staff.  The programme takes a whole school approach and therefore seeks to teach and equip the children, the staff and the parents.

The programme consists of two introductory workshops which are run across the whole school. The first workshop looks at ‘Positive Relationships’ and the second looks at ‘Conflict Resolution’. Following these sessions children, parents and members of staff get over 16 hours training to become school Mediators.

Laura Rook of PMS explains the success as follows:

Peer Mediation allows children to deal positively with conflict among their peers, on their own terms. We believe the key to a Peace School Community is people understanding each other and recognising the impact their words and actions have on themselves and others.  If our young people grasp this in their school, it will be a skill they can continue to develop and use throughout their whole lives.

Help fund the Teach Peace initiative via the Portsmouth Lottery