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Community Police Teams

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At the heart of PMS’ work is Community, of which the Police are an integral part.  They deal with some of the most difficult cases of conflict.

With police resources coming under increasing pressure, PMS is well-placed to offer support to the police as an effective person-centred way of resolving many situations of conflict. We work very closely with Portsmouth and Havant Neighbourhood Police teams. The PMS restorative service takes referrals from local police where there are disputes or anti social behaviour. This service helps to free officers up from difficult situations where its often six of one and half a dozen of another.

Our Assessment service seeks to understand the problems and provides an opportunity for people to be heard and to consider options that could improve the situation – Our Restorative Facilitators and Mediators have both the time and skills that can help people caught up in conflict or dispute to find solutions and repair harm.

Referrals are funded by the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner and are part of a County wide Restorative Strategy. If you are a Police Officer you can make a referral through this dedicated e-mail address:

You will need to supply the telephone number of the people you are referring and explain to each of the parties that you are referring them to a special assessment service where they will be contacted by an independent and impartial assessment officer who will come and spend some time with them and help find a solution to their problem.

Please contact if you would like a station visit for more information on the benefits to police officers from using the service.