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Community Mediation

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We are passionate about the community mediation that we offer. We have seen time and again the positive impact that sitting in a room together and talking things through with our trained mediators can have on people’s lives.

Community volunteers
We offer community mediation in and around Portsmouth to support clients to work through conflicts that they are facing. Often this is focused on neighbourhood disputes which, when unresolved, have the potential to ruin lives. However, by taking the brave step to working towards finding a way forward, our clients often find the peace they have been looking for.

PMS receives many self-referrals from people who have problem situations caused by a breakdown in relationship. Often these are with family members or former partners. Where possible, we are always trying to help facilitate face-to-face conversations so that hurt and harm can be repaired and good relations restored that enable a new, positive way forward.

We also get referrals for Community Mediation from Portsmouth City Council Housing department and offer our service to support clients with, not only maintaining their tenancies, but also living in peace in their community.

Our team works alongside our clients to seek resolution and therefore present an opportunity for communities in Portsmouth to live in harmony with their neighbours.

If you think that you would benefit from this support please do not hesitate to make contact.

Download guide to being a good neighbour

Download guide to being a good neighbour