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Vision and Mission

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Portsmouth Mediation Service aims to operate as a centre of Excellence and Influence in seeing Portsmouth established as a Restorative City.


Through a journey of assessment, mediation and restorative practice, we will partner with other envisioned people and organisations to help seek the Peace and Prosperity of a Restorative Portsmouth.

In June 2015 Portsmouth Mediation Service (PMS) adopted a ‘Restorative’ strategy towards every aspect of its work and life; we became intentional in the use of restorative practices and approaches and not only with our clients, but also within our partnerships and with ourselves.  This strategy has revolutionised our service and indeed everyone who works with its mission.
We have a huge vision to help bring about a Restorative Portsmouth, yet in simple terms we are learning restorative always begins at home with me and you.  It’s not a theory or a programme; it’s a philosophy that underpins strong and positive relationships.  So it is with our team; under pressure we still have our moments, yet we are successfully developing a culture of respect and compassion that has brought about a new level of unity.  Building this teamwork is increasingly making the dream work.
PMS has a vision of a Restorative Portsmouth where the entire City is focussed on strengthening relationships and partnerships and is ready and equipped to repair harm and relations when problems or conflict occur. Read more about the potential of a Restorative City in this document here.