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Our Partners

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We appreciate that when organisations and teams forge great working relationships a huge potential for success is released across every sphere of the city and community. We know so often that division rips the heart out of vision and mission which is why PMS is so committed to a unity of partnership and collaboration. Great team work with our partners is helping to make the restorative dream work.

Portsmouth City Council Housing

We are very proud of our partnership with Portsmouth City Council Housing. Our Assessment Service has been specifically designed for tenants and leaseholders of PCC Housing as part of the first step in a customer driven housing service process for dealing with neighbour nuisance and anti social behaviour.

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Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner

As part of our service to our local neighbourhood police teams, PMS is funded by the Hampshire OPCC to help mediate between people caught up in low level crime and ASB.

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New Forest & Southampton Mediation Service (NFS)

The two key mediation services in the two unitary cities in Hampshire have over recent years forged a close working relationship and partnership and have together established the new Solent Restorative Partnership that is modelling something very different to the past competition and rivalry between the two cities

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Mosaic Mediation

We really value our professional relationship with Emma Jenkins who heads up Mosaic Mediation. We are currently collaborating with Emma and the Solent Restorative Partnership on a new exciting initiative within the NHS.

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Highbury College

PMS has a great relationship with the Learning Support team who have caught a hold of a Restorative vision for the college. Together we have been working to equip tutors and students with a personal restorative tool kit

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Partnership for Restorative Justice

We are working closely with the Safer Portsmouth Partnership to reduce crime and help the victims of crime. Together we provide a cutting edge service in Restorative Conferencing.

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University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is a key partner in our work and mission. Students studying law often become volunteers for our Mediation & Restorative roles. We are also working closely with The Student Union Advice Centre and Student Housing in helping to resolve any conflicts or disputes and on November the 2nd 2016 – we have helped launch a Mediation Service within the Uni Community.

Portsmouth & District Private Landlords Association

Working with local Landlords to create more peaceful environments for neighbours and their communities.

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Mediation Now – Family Matters

For those involved in separation, divorce or family disputes it can be hard to see the way ahead. Much needs to be discussed and resolved at a time when there may be a lot of anger or distress.  Portsmouth Mediation Service works closely with our partners, Mediation Now. They offer the support and guidance for couples and families to communicate, negotiate and resolve issues , make practical arrangements and help ease the emotional impact.

Restorative Justice Council

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Mediation Surrey

We value our great relationship with the team at Mediation Surrey – it’s a privilege to be their preferred training provider for their new volunteers

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Motiv 8

This brilliant local charity invests a huge amount of passion and commitment in helping to bring about lasting change for Young People, Families, and the Community. Their values and mission really dovetail well with our restorative vision for Portsmouth.

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