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The PMS Assessment Service is working very closely with local housing officers and community Police teams to help neighbours get along with each other

We are committed to helping people find understanding when things in the neighbourhood go wrong. We are always looking to help remove conflict, repair any harm and restore right relationships

Although we are continually developing a good working partnership with the council and the police, we are discreet, independent and impartial, serving the residents of Portsmouth and the local areas of Leigh Park & Wecock Farm.  We are also connected to many of the voluntary organisations and charities in Portsmouth who offer a huge range of support and help for people with a wide variety of needs.

A Restorative Portsmouth

The PMS Assessment Service has signed up to the BIG idea of a ‘Restorative Portsmouth’ where its communities can enjoy peaceful lives. In all we do we are always seeking to work restoratively for the peace and prosperity of Portsmouth citizens.

We use Restorative practice to prevent conflict, build relationships and repair harm by enabling people to communicate effectively and positively.  Restorative practice is increasingly being used in schools, children’s services, workplaces, hospitals, communities and the criminal justice system.

Restorative practice can involve both a proactive approach to preventing harm and conflict and activities that repair harm where conflicts have already arisen.

Where the latter is required, we can facilitate restorative meetings helping to enable individuals and groups to work together to improve their mutual understanding of an issue and jointly reach the best available solution.

Restorative practice supports people to recognise that all of their activities affect others and that people are responsible for their choices and actions. It enables people to reflect on how they interact with each other and consider how best to prevent harm and conflict.