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PMS. Looking to Attract New Trustees

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PMS. Looking to Attract New Trustees

Pictured here are some PMS Trustees both past and present – we are always looking to attract new talented people to help shape and invigorate our Restorative Vision & Mission in Portsmouth and the local area.

PMS is both a charity and a company limited by guarantee. It has a small group of Trustees, also known as directors, who exercise all the powers of the charity. Whilst day to day matters are carried out by the Service Manager, the Trustees set the policy and strategic direction of PMS ensuring that it continues to work towards its charitable aims.  

The Trustees sit as a Management Committee, meeting every other month. Trustees are members of the company (charity) and guarantee to contribute a sum not exceeding £10.00 for the company’s debts and liabilities in the event of PMS winding up. The Trustees carry out formal functions to comply with the law and pay due regard to guidance issued by the Charity Commission in deciding what activities the charity should undertake. 

The current Trustees come from a diverse background, bringing different experiences and skills to their position. As a group, we are keen to expand further by introducing new Trustees to take the charity to the next level. If you have bought into our big restorative vision, we would like to invite you to join our team of Trustees.

To find out more, please contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Phil Winchester at