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Month: February 2023

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Hotwalls & Camber Dock Restorative Support Group

A new and exciting restorative story has been unfolding over recent months in the Old Portsmouth Neighbourhood. Portsmouth City Council has commissioned PMS to help develop a restorative plan and strategy to create a more cohesive and resilient community and to help open up new relationships with some of the young people who visit the…
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Camber Community Champions

Portsmouth Mediation Service (PMS) has over the past year been working well in Old Portsmouth to help support the local community to build a more restorative neighbourhood where strong positive relationships help underpin a more cohesive community. One of our key partners in this ground-breaking journey is the Camber Property Management Team headed up locally…
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All Together Now

Working alongside Portsmouth City Council, The Portsmouth Mediation Service has been helping to spearhead a new Restorative plan and approach to the annual challenges that residents and business owners of Old Portsmouth face during the hot summer months, when large groups of young people visit the Hotwalls & Camber Dock to hang out and jump…
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