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Portsmouth Youth Trip to The Hotwalls & Camber Dock

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Portsmouth Youth Trip to The Hotwalls & Camber Dock

A huge vision is always initially birthed in little steps and so the restorative journey of small beginnings continued around the Camber Dock yesterday as some of our inner city children enjoyed a special day out in what many call the ‘jewel’ of the Cities crown.

Interestingly for some of the group it was their first visit to the sea shore of Old Portsmouth, while others had already been regular visitors. Portsmouth Mediation Service were pleased to be able to sponsor a Welcome Table of breakfast drinks and snacks, our manager Steve along with others from the local neighbourhood police team and city council helped welcome the group, he was also invited to join the young people on their speed boat tour of the Solent.

Speaking afterwards he said, “It was a real privilege to be involved and spend some time with these brilliant youngsters – they have learnt a bit about the local community today and how they too can be a part of it – as one of the youth leaders so rightly said respect and understanding is always a two way street” The day which included lunch and fishing was organsied by PCC Play & Youth Service.